About Us

Defining the leading edge of paleogeographic and tectonic analysis since 1982

Tectonic Analysis Ltd. is a geological consulting company with vast experience conducting studies and research in the western hemisphere. Our company unites the state-of-the-art knowledge and research talents of academia with the experienced and practical skills of industry. We bring to each project the innovation, determination, and skills needed to succeed.

Who We Are

  • Dr. James Pindell (email: jim@tectonicanalysis.com)
  • 25 years experience in the western hemisphere and circum-Atlantic region
  • A dynamic team of industry and academic associates
  • SEO Optimization

What We Do

  • Integrated multidisciplinary analysis of structurally complex regions
  • Palinspastic paleogeographic reconstruction and paleogeographic mapping
  • Regional tectonics and plate kinematics applied to detailed study areas
  • Geological and structural interpretation of challenging seismic data
  • Sedimentology and basin analysis in relation to hydrocarbon systems
  • Predictions of facies and hydrocarbon systems in areas with limited data
  • Bid round and block evaluations
  • Non-exclusive comprehensive reports and atlases
  • Short courses and field trips

Where We Work

  • Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, central and equatorial Atlantic margins
  • Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad
  • Regional western hemisphere
  • Anywhere else!