Colombian Program

    The Colombian Hydrocarbon Habitat:

    Integrated Sedimentology, Geochemistry, Paleogeographic Evolution, Geodynamics, Petroleum Geology, and Basin Analysis

    This report was created in collaboration with ECOPETROL from 1994 to 1998, allowing us access to enormous amounts of primary data from all of Colombia which were then synthesized with key data from adjacent regions of Venezuela and Ecuador.

    Since 1998 it has been constantly updated in line with our work in neighbouring Andean and Caribbean countries and incorporates our most recent Caribbean synthesis. A core element of the report is the Colombia Exploration Framework Atlas, which summarizes the key paleogeographic and basinal results of our work in Colombia. The full report also includes approximately 15,000 km of 2D interpreted and uninterpreted seismic data, and logs and core studies from 37 wells.

    Other core components of the report include The Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of Colombian Basins, a unique synthesis (167 pages of text, 112 figures and 30 tables) covering the Putumayo, Lower Magdalena, Sinu and San Jacinto (onshore and offshore), Guajira, Cauca-Patia and Llanos Basins with extensive supporting databases and Cretaceous Biostratigraphy of northern South America, presenting the results of detailed logging of macro- and microfauna in the Cretaceous. This definitive work on biozonation is highly recommended for horizontal-drilling in fractured reservoirs.

    Data sources/syntheses include:

    • Approximately 5,500 km of "strategically chosen" seismic data
    • Sedimentological and thin section examinations of multiple cores
    • 31 well logs representative of most of the Colombian basins
    • Detailed analysis of petroleum geochemistry and occurrence by basin
    • Compilations of source rock maturation data by basin
    • Integrated modelling of seismicity, GPS, topographic, gravimetric data
    • Forward modelling of a balanced cross-section, northern Cordillera Oriental
    • Plate tectonic setting and analysis of important processes in Andean orogenesis
    • Palinspastic restorations of paleotectonic setting for 5 stages over time
    • Paleogeographic evolutionary synthesis as depicted on 21 colour plates
    • Literature compilation of a paleogeographic database of >5,000 points
    • Formation tops and associated information from 150 wells

    Our understanding of hydrocarbon systems and potential in the area is driven by a highly detailed analysis of paleogeographic evolution. This uniquely integrated regional exploration evaluation comprises a detailed review of the geology, tectonics and structure of Colombia, together with portfolios of seismic data (interpreted and uninterpreted), well-logs, petrographic core studies of key reservoirs (View example) and hydrocarbon geochemistry (see also below).

    This report provided the source material for our Exploration Framework Atlas, Vol. 1, Colombia, but contains an enormous amount of additional material. The regional nature of this study makes it a vital tool for frontier evaluation, play generation, farm-out evaluation, building of new concepts, proper recognition of geological history within blocks, extension of plays into new areas.

    The report is presented (electronic format) as one volume of text (7 chapters, 4 appendices), one portfolio of 109 plates (paleogeographies, core-logging, isopachs, databases) and an extensive collection of interpreted and uninterpreted seismic. All files on DVD are supplied in industry standard formats (PDF, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, LAS, tiff).

    Report contents Get a listing of the report contents, including all supplementary material.

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