Exploration Framework Atlas 2: Venezuela

The second in our series provides a concise synthesis of the geological history and petroleum systems of the Venezuela region on 60 A3 (11" x 17") pages. In addition, the accompanying CD-ROM contains all Atlas files in a variety of editable formats, and additional supporting material including 57 measured sections (with 133 pages of descriptive text), petrographic database (164 samples) and bibliography.

The Atlas presents an integrated model for the complex geology and geological history of the region and summarises key information relevant to hydrocarbon exploration for individual basins.

The Atlas is the result of more than 50 man-years of multidisciplinary work involving regional, tectonics, structural geology, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology of outcrop and core sections, paleontology, and geochronology.

Main Focuses of this Atlas:


  • Plate-tectonic and geodynamic constraints on the evolution of the northern South American and Caribbean Plate boundaries
  • Palinspastic restorations and maps of key hydrocarbon provinces (e.g. Lake Maracaibo, Trinidad and E. Venezuela)
  • Development of a steady-state model for the northern South American Plate Boundary


  • Data and models are synthesised through 24 palinspastic paleogeographic maps from early Mesozoic to Late Cenozoic
  • Maps are annotated with formation names, lithologic information, key structural elements, place names and inset summary diagrams explaining keys ideas


  • Summary charts for 10 basins incorporate the major hydrocarbon-systems elements
  • Detailed discussions on key stratigraphic units in the Maracaibo and Serrania del Interior Oriental regions


  • Concise descriptions of selected sections studied by the authors
  • Petrography of sandstones in the Serrania del Interior Oriental in relation to key tectonic events

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